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I had John come in and do a 2 day pistol diagnostics course for my police academy firearms instructors. In following John and what he was doing with coach's eye coupled with his world class experience I was looking for getting professional development on coaching and not just shooting.  I saw too many times students getting frustrated because one instructor would show them one thing only to have another instructor come along in an attempt to fix a problem change things. Some times it would work but when the student still struggled it left both the student and instructor frustrated.  It was obvious after just the morning session of shooting four rounds and going thru the video diagnostics that John's program was the answer.  I've been to many instructors who give you there thoughts on how to stand, grip or fire a gun.  You try and replicate it but when it fails you simply assume that you're just not at their level of proficiency.  Not the case with the Sheriff; not only does he explain how to stand, grip and fire the gun but then he proves why with the video which then allows the student to work on getting better. I'm looking forward to my next cadet class and having consistent techniques to give them and the video tools so they can see for themselves and I'm looking forward to having John back soon.  Thanks S.O.B!

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