Gaffney, SC: Private Pistol Course

Posted by Abbey C on

"Let me just start by saying that I enjoyed the class so much that I booked my next class before I even got home from the first one! John's experience is extensive and his teaching style is direct and comprehensive without being intimidating. He is the real deal. The Coach's Eye technology he uses is second to none- but all of that technology is useless without John's extensive knowledge and ability to not only identify your problem areas, but explain the why and help you apply corrections to improve your skills almost immediately. As John would say, “The So What?” is when other classes have you go through almost 600rds in a course where you might marginally improve by the end of the day- I could see visible improvement in less than 1 full mag. By EOD I used less than 150rds, drastically improved my shooting skills and gained a working knowledge that I can take to the range in order to identify and correct myself so that I can continue to improve.

One more thing I want to mention- As a woman I almost always get treated a little differently when it comes to firearms. I think most men don't even realize they do it, but I often get treated like I don't know what I'm doing or I get ignored at the gun counter. However, John made me feel like I was equal to everyone else in the class and he didn't make me feel any different because I am a woman. I received the same high level of training as the other 5 men in my class. This was important for me to mention because I feel like if more women got treated like they are competent and capable with a firearm, then more women would feel confident and less intimidated by the world of firearms. 

I can’t wait to take another course with John later this year!"

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