Long Valley, NJ Pistol/Carbine Course AAR

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Long Valley, NJ Pistol/Carbine: May 30-31, 2015: A.R.

Once again it was an eye opening experience and a pleasure to take a course with John "Shrek" McPhee. I took my first course with John at Long Valley last year and again this year , again I had a great time . Johns attention to detail and "one on one" guidance utilizing "Coaches Eye" is by far second to none . His knowledge could fill volumes as he took the time to explain to you in detail "what your doing wrong" and then "fixing you"on the spot . Utilizing "Coaches Eye" John sends you the analyzed break down of your "video diagnostics"and corrections for you to review at your leisure which will help you every time you train.  The class size was perfect and everyone worked well together during the course which added to over all experience.  In the future I plan on having my wife attend a pistol course so she can improve on her pistol marksmanship . Anyone that is looking to improve their skills utilizing cutting edge technology and receiving personal instruction from one of best in the business needs to look up "The Sheriff of Bagdad" John "Shrek" . 

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