Long Valley, NJ Pistol/Carbine AAR

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Long Valley, NJ May 30-31: Dan H.


One day I was on and noticed a review of John's SOB Tactical class that described the training as game changing. I decided to look through the SOB site to see if John would be in my area and was super psyched to see he was holding a class an hour from my home. I signed up for pistol on Saturday and carbine on Sunday. Communication prior to the class was excellent. Location was on a private range on a farm which was gnarly. As I walked up John was BS'ing with everyone and telling stories. Fellow students were a mix of active military, LE, competition shooters and hobby shooters such as myself, and everyone was excited and friendly. Once all 10-12 students had arrived, the class started with John giving a run down of his background, his training mindset and the technology he is incorporating to bring firearms training out of the 1970s. We were told this would be a big boy rules event and that we were responsible for our actions and safety. It was refreshing to not have some crusty range Nazi giving us the stinkeye the whole time. After the intro we started the fun with individual shooter analysis: one person at a time walks to the range, presents the gun and fires a few rounds while John records with his Coach's Eye app. Immediately after shooting John and that shooter went back to the tent and spent a good few minutes analyzing stance, grip, presentation, and reloads. The software John uses is the same software being used by professional sports teams around the world and John's implementation of Coach's Eye for shooting is next level shiz. If it sounds like a waste of time waiting for everyone to get their individual analysis done, be aware that while a shooter was being analyzed we were encouraged to look over John's shoulder and learn. In my opinion it would have been a waste of time to not watch John's analysis of another shooter because we are all human and are prone to similar mistakes. After individual analysis we took 5 to stuff food in our faces, John took a few minutes dispelling common shooting myths and then we got to shooting. For pistol targets we got to shoot steel all day which was pretty damn rad. For carbine we started with steel, but too many people were catching frag and trying to hide behind the person next to them (which had us looking like weenies) so we had to switch to paper targets. We ran drills multiple times with John spending time with each person giving them pertinent and positive feedback. If at any time John felt some advice was useful for all, we would gather round and learn from the master and then go back to drills. After drills John had us shoot in an elimination tournament for a prize which was a lot of fun. John's attitude is incredibly positive and patient. He made students feel that at no time would it have been inappropriate to ask a question which makes for an excellent learning environment. John talks like a bro, and that only helps the student feel like they are learning from a friend and not a d-bag teacher just looking to get paid. At the end of each day we would clear weapons and gathered for a round table. John was very interested in what each of us liked as well as what each of us didn't like, and wanted to hear if we had any ideas for future improvement. John states his classes are set up how they are based on student feedback. We probably only shot 200 rounds per day. I went home thinking those were the most impactful rounds I have ever shot, and while I gladly would have shot more, I did not feel cheated by the round count, especially with the price of ammo. I am looking forward to getting my videos from John and being able to reference them at any time. Because each of us gets our videos with commentary and personalized instruction from John this class effectively has no end date. Imagine getting the chance to learn baseball from Derek Jeter or golf from Arnold Palmer and that is what this class is like for shooting. If John is ever in your area clear the schedule and take his course, you will not be disappointed.

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