Long Valley, NJ Pistol/Carbine AAR

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Long Valley, NJ Pistol/Carbine AAR May 30-31, 2015: Dr. JR


It's difficult to process the positive effect meeting and training with
John McPhee will have on my shooting ability and life in general. I had
attended his Long Valley, NJ video diagnostics class as recommended by a few
of my well credentialed friends this past Saturday. Abbey and John
accommodated my late registration without any hesitation and made sure I was
prepared for the pistol class the following day. His intelligence,
experience, training, humor, professionalism, dedication, and patience
uniquely defines him as one of the "top tier" coaches anyone could wish for.
I would truly consider him a coach rather than a mere instructor. He too
has mastered the "fundamentals" it takes to access, diagnosis, educate, and
implement the necessary improvements in anyone's performance to achieve
their goals. He is quick to point out and stress not to let your
conscious mind limit your true ability with respect to your potential
performance. He stressed the impact that the unconscious mind is capable of
and did prove it. He reviewed many historical techniques and described,
demonstrated, taught, and evaluated his modern gunfighter grip, stance, and
techniques on each and every participant. His instant analysis and feedback
led to inconceivable increases in performance in one or two magazines. John
has adopted modern technology to help everyone see what he sees in order to
achieve the perfect fundamental of marksmanship. The Coach's Eye along
with his commentary will illustrate what you are doing vs what you think you
are doing. You might even hear "now that you've seen it, just don't do it
again, problem solved like myself, followed by accolades on what you've done
correctly. Every interaction was followed by him asking "any questions"
just to verify you've understood. His one-on-one approach resulted in more
personalized instruction than I've ever experienced while providing down
time to process, practice or observe him coaching other shooters. He
routinely takes questions and has discussions about shooting and
non-shooting topics though out the day. He appeared truly excited about
helping each and every person and I have the video to verify it. You must
attend one of his classes to obtain the information first hand and
experience the impact it will have on your shooting performance and life in
general as well! I thank John for all he has done prior to meeting him,
everything he has done for me, and everything he will do in the future!

Dr Jr

Ps Immediately completing the pistol course I went home and registered for
the last available spot in his carbine class the following day. Once
again, he and Abbey made it happen. An exponential result and great
experience as well. go see for yourself.



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