Long Valley, NJ Pistol Course AAR

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Long Valley, NJ Pistol Course AAR May 29, 2015: Brian Geisler


I wanted to take some time to reflect on the pistol course given by John on the 29th. John took an approach to the class structure that I felt was very refreshing. His style of teaching is very personal and focused, and specific to each student/shooter. John brought a group of experienced shooters together and fundamentally changed the way they perceived their skills, while utilizing applied techniques to improve each shooter based on the individual changes needed specific to that person. 
As far as improvements that could be made, some suggestions were discussed at the class that seemed to be the consensus among the shooters. John is already aware of the changes he wants to make so I will just leave it at that. 
Overall, John is a consummate professional who cares about the quality of his instruction, and the product he leaves behind. Whenever possible, I will continue to attend his classes. 

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