Long Valley, NJ: Pistol Course AAR

Posted by Abbey C on

Long Valley, NJ Pistol Course AAR (May 30, 2015):  D. Thomas


I had an excellent time. As a civilian and someone relatively new to the world of firearms and marksmanship, I wasn't sure what to expect from an instructor as accomplished as John. John was very humble and approachable. He was able to effectively analyze each person's style and technique equally, whether they were experienced competitive shooters, law enforcement, or beginners like myself. Despite John's layman demeanor, his knowledge, experience and expertise shown through. As an engineer, I tend to be very analytical. Everything John taught made perfect sense to me. He also seems to have a natural ability to teach and inject just the right amount of humor, which added to the value of the class. I'm very excited to practice the skills John taught me so I can come back next year and learn more.

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