Mission, TX Pistol Course AAR

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Mission, TX Pistol Course AAR: October 17, 2015



After Action Review

I have been hunting and shooting for quite some time now. Like most South Texans, I was under the impression that I knew how to shoot and; therefore, I did not need any training.

Then one of my good friends highly recommended training by John McPHee (S.O.B.). I saw how good my friend’s shooting skills were so I decided to join the next training done in my area.

I didn’t know what to expect; but I was still thinking it would be a sort of a “drill and kill” type of class. I was completely wrong. John McPhee is a Real Coach. He takes into account our individual movements and body types to make us better more competent shooters. In my class there were very different people, from law enforcement to local business owners with different uses of our firearms from law enforcement duty weapons to concealed carry weapons for personal protection. This class focused on basics so everyone got what we needed out of this class. I was completely blown away at how well and fast I was shooting with just one class.

It did not matter what firearms we were using, our applications for it, nor how we carried and holstered it, everyone learned.

This class is not just for tactical application but for anyone and everyone who carries a firearm. In anyone’s chosen profession we always continue to learn through continuing education so we can be at the top of our careers. Carrying a firearms should be no different. Shooting range time is good; but, continuing education and training is a must for every responsible gun owner.

I will definitely recommend John’s classes to every gun owner I know, and I will definitely continue to join his training classes in the future.


Thank You,


Jose Noe Valdez

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