Mission, TX Pistol Course AAR

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Mission, TX Pistol Course AAR: October 17, 2015


This was my third time training with John and his coaching gets better every time.  This time I shot way less rounds of ammo and got better at shooting with both the pistol and carbine.  John's coaching is top notch and way above any shooting instructor I have dealt with in the past.  I have been in federal law enforcement for over 18 years and have consistently shot to the left with my pistol and all I have heard from my LEO shooting instructors was "you're jerking the trigger! ".  Well thanks to John that trigger jerked myth was debunked!  Hand positioning and proper grip he explained and I stopped shooting to the left!  The coaches eye is a tremendous tool for explaining what one is doing wrong or right. 

I recommend this training to all shooters.
Thanks John.  

Oved Zamora 
Supervisory Border Patrol Agent 

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