Mission, TX Pistol and Carbine Course AAR

Posted by Abbey C on

"I had a good time this weekend shooting with John "Shrek" McPhee aka The Sheriff of Baghdad. I went into the course not really knowing what to expect, but signing up because this is, to my knowledge, only the 4th open enrollment defensive shooting/combatives course in my home area ever, and I hosted 2 of those. Day 1 was pistol and day 2 was rifle, we fired 200 rounds in each class. Both courses begin with a two shot, reload, two shot drill which he records. After everyone shoots the drill Shrek performs a video review using the Coaches Eye video software. He breaks down presentation, stance, grip and your reload. You will receive this video after class. He does this review with all shooters and then we go about a variety of drills, mostly focusing shooting on the vertical and horizontal planes.

Both courses are taught at a very relaxed pace. We were thin both days and finished 2 hours early each day. This is intentional as Shrek believes that the utilization of the video review negates the need for high round counts for the purposes of the course.

I think that the two big ideas I walked away from the class with are 1. That video review, particularly under the coaches eye software, is an order of magnitude more effective than having an instructor tell a student what he is doing wrong from watching the student and 2. That grip, and then stance, are the two most important elements of marksmanship, with the usual suspects of trigger press and sight picture taking a distant back seat.

Shrek is definately an iconoclast with some unique ideas. Overall I enjoyed the course and have an lot of things to ponder and think on."


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