Mount Carroll, IL 2-Day Pistol

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2 Day Video Diagnostic-Pistol   SOB Tactical John “Shrek” Mcphee

I’ve trained with a lot of people and have paid tons of money, shot a literal shit ton of ammunition downrange to try and find answers to all of my questions on shooting. Most of the time you get “put in the work and find the answers” but without a coach to guide you in the right path it doesn’t matter how much time or money you put in you will never get better. No amount of drills will put you on the path unless you know the core fundamentals of what you’re trying to perfect. We tend to become the organ grinders monkey beat us enough and we’ll walk around with that tin cup for change. Do this drill it’ll make you better, shoot 20,000 rounds you’ll get better, do 5 hours of dry fire practice you’ll get better, shoot out at 50 yards offhand you’ll get better. If we don’t understand the core fundamentals and practice the core fundamentals what happens? We might get better we’ll end up plateauing over and over again though because without proper core fundamentals we’re just the organ grinders monkey.

Throughout the 2 days John creates an open atmosphere and starts you off with a video. Everyone gets recorded and broken down in key areas. Stance, grip, presentation, sight alignment, index, reload. The videos are broken down and analyzed to show where you are and where you should be in each of the areas. John then brings out what we have all been taught “the dreaded pie chart” and proceeds to destroy it excuse for excuse and introduces the gospel of the gun according to Shrek. Each of us gets tuned at bit we shoot again. John watches us each and shows us the power of the mind how if we allow ourselves our minds slip right back to what we are comfortable with. It’s not unexpected so things slow down so we can consciously reprogram ourselves to create a better subconscious routine. John gave frequent breaks to absorb what was just shown. If you throw 100 rounds at something, you’ll just fall into the rut you just got dug out of. So shoot assess, adjust assess be mentally as fresh as you can when you step to the line so you can reprogram your mind. After a while you could understand what you were doing wrong and right in fact it became clearer every time a course of fire was shot

Efficiencies are critical in everything done throughout the class. Everything is broken into essentials and proven effectiveness through exercises recording analyzing then repeat. Movement drills, distance drills and accuracy drills are repeated during the second day recorded and analyzed.

So what is this class? It is a summation of all the building blocks to maintain effective movement towards mastery of the handgun. The class will shake foundational understanding of the core fundamentals. It will make you reevaluate what you think you know about the handgun. John is a Master Coach that creates an open atmosphere towards mastery of core fundamentals in order to create a path to mastery of a weapons platform.

If you want entertainment and high speed this is not the class for you. If you truly want to learn the path of mastery of the handgun, then this class is a must.


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