2-Day Pistol Course: Naples, FL

Posted by Abbey C on


As you know, I took a class with you before the video diagnostics when you were working with “the other guys”, and the one this weekend. I was really impressed with your progression from a great class to an even better one.

The video diagnostics really helped to bring the points you were making home. The information that you give isn’t open to misinterpretation, and will be a very valuable training tool for me. The drills that you had us do built on one another, and are things that I can easily replicate at my range, again providing me with training opportunities even after the class.

I think one of the best improvements other than the video diagnostics, was the instructor to student ratio you kept. We each got to spend a lot of time 1:1 with you, and you were able to get everyone dialed in to where we were quickly shooting much better than before. Nobody was afraid to ask questions, and it was very clear that being approachable and student focused is a big priority for you.


Thank you again for a great class,



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