2-Day Pistol Course: Naples, FL

Posted by Abbey C on

This is my AAR for the 2 day Pistol class held in Naples, FL on Sept. 10th and 11th. I am a pretty experienced shooter, I'd consider myself an intermediate skill level, although this was the first class I've ever taken so I wasn't sure what to expect beyond reading others AARs. There were 9 people in the class, all varying ages and skill levels. Good group, all humble guys and there to learn as much as possible. The best part about this class is that no matter what skill level you are at, John will make you a better shooter. The progression of the class focuses on perfecting the fundamentals, breaking down the basics of stance, draw, presentation, reload, movement, failure drills, and then building upon those fundamentals at a high level, through John's experience and the use of the video diagnostics. He is also great at providing one on one feedback as the class is shooting drills, so everyone gets that individual feedback specific to their needs and issues. You will not shoot a ton of rounds in this class, I was well under the recommended 500 rounds, but you will likely learn more in four rounds and a reload than many classes shooting 1000s of rounds, because of the way the video is broken down and analyzed frame by frame. The videos are great to keep and watch for future reference, and I will definitely be making use of the drills we used for my own practice. I appreciate John's teaching style as well, there is no arrogance, no yelling, no "this is the way it is and that's it." He is very good at explaining the "why" behind something working or not working with common sense examples. He also makes it a point to ask everyone in the class for feedback after each day. If you want to shoot a ton of rounds non stop, this probably isn't the class for you. But if you really want to hold a microscope up to your shooting and improve all your elements, take this class! I would take this class every time he comes down my way and I would recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced shooters.

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