Naples, FL 2-day Pistol Course

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This is my AAR for The Sheriff of Baghdad two day pistol course in Naples,Fl Sept 10&11,2016. First, I'm not a writer. I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see how much I retained from John's teachings. I remember everything as if it was yesterday, but my videos are there for me on his site if I need reference. It was so well taught and demonstrated that it's ingrained in my brain. I've been practicing and I'm getting better, thanks to John.  I learned more in these two days with John than I've learned in all other pistol courses combined. I would recommend this course to everyone. All of the video, teachings, drills are all cohesive and come together. It all makes so much sense, but you need to have an open mind and throw out the Establisment's rule book. What's funny is that I can even see it now in others (when guys post up videos) just from the way it was taught to us in this course. All of the steps and techniques keep playing over and over in my brain. I know we will get John back to Florida next year and I can't wait to go again because it's a fun time and I learned so much. Now when I'm on the range, I have John right there in my ear the whole time as I keep running it over and over and getting better. The last thing I want to share is that John is so open and funny about his life experiences. He really has a way with words and he shares all of that knowledge with you. Seriously, John is building an army of badass highly proficient shooters. All of you guys that have trained with SOB know it and you all have that skill set that few do or will have the opportunity to develop. This training is priceless and you can't put a monetary value on it, but your life will thank you if you have to use it. 
Thanks Shrek, seeya soon. 
Todd Smith

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