New Haven, KY 1-Day Pistol

Posted by Abbey C on

I am not anywhere near an expert shooter.

However, most people would agree that I'm an expert student, having gone to school from the time I was five years old until I was thirty. (Yeah, I'm a medical doctor.) I have had countless teachers over the years, and I have to say that John McPhee is really one of the best. He is a great warrior, but he also has the heart of a teacher. How that combination came to be, I do not know, but it works.

From listening to him it is obvious that he has earnestly studied how people learn and how to best teach them the skills at which he is an expert. He is successful at this.

Thanks to John, I greatly improved as a shooter in just 8 hours.

I know I will be taking more classes with him. In fact, I'm already pre-paid.

For anyone thinking about taking one of John's classes, just do it. His stuff is real.

"Irish Dave" Coffey, MD

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