Park City, KY 2-Day Gunner Marksmanship Course

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Rockcastle Shooting Center: September 19-20, 2015

To give a better AAR of my experience during the 2-day gunner class, I need to give some background about myself. I am a 15 year law enforcement veteran, currently serving as a field agent and firearms instructor for a federal agency. I have trained with many state, local, and 3-letter federal agencies, and felt I had a pretty good grasp on how to run a gun. I was WRONG!

John McPhee takes the book that everyone teaches from on shooting and throws it out the window, and then writes scope holdovers on that window! I was pretty good at putting rounds on target prior to the class. What John does is make you better at it, makes you more efficient, corrects your small mistakes, and explains why and how in the most basic, cave-man practical ways.

The things I'd always been taught, that work great on a square range with no one shooting back, work. John bring his knowledge from the battlefield where targets are real, they move, they fire back, and the unexpected is expected. It is from these lessons learned that make training with John so invaluable.

Thank you very much Shrek for offering up your knowledge and sharing it with us.

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