Pocatello, ID 1-Day Pistol June 9, 2016

Posted by Abbey C on

"I didn't feel the need to do a write up on the carbine class I attended last year; because, what I had already read about John's classes, had been said (very well), before. 
This year I attended the pistol class with my wife.  My wife is a newer shooter with plenty trigger time and years of carry CCW. Regardless of the thousands of rounds we shoot as a couple, without the proper instruction John offers, our practice would be in vain.
I was never afraid that John didn't have the ability to instruct women, let alone my wife. Frankly, men can be spoken to in a manner that even the "coolest" women would find offensive. John was professional and kind. On top of being a wealth of knowledge, John is personable; and, he has the ability to articulate himself in a way that can't be construed as condescending, regardless of your prior experience or level of training. These were all very important factors when I initially considered asked my wife if she'd be interested in taking a pistol class.
During class, John could do what ALL other instructors lack. He has the ability to answer the dreaded—"why". He simply doesn't tell #shooters to stop exhibiting behaviors ( trigger slap, anticipation, etc.) that have the perception of causing missed shots. John can show shooters empirically why they are missing the mark. 
There's no gimmicks involved or the psychobabble that many en vogue instructors spew. John shows you on a video screen—WHY you are missing. With the coach's eye app, and his vast real world experience John can literally show you why you are missing the mark.
If you've considered taking a class, do your research. Don't go burn a thousand rounds in a class, lay on your belly, jump over car hoods, etc., just to say you did. Sure it's cathartic, but what have you really learned? John's credentials supersede (often surpassing) many others in the industry; however, they all lack the ability to do what John teaches and—proves. On top of all this John can transcend the egos that typically permeate many gun ranges. The environment in his classes is laid back as well as well executed. I'd recommend any of John's classes to you or your wives."

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