2-Day Pistol AAR: March 12-13, 2016

Posted by Abbey C on

What can be said about Johns course that hasn't been said already. In the first half of the day during the video day John dispelled so many myths about pistol shooting. I felt like I was drinking from the fire hose as much knowledge as John was putting out. As each day went on I was able to self diagnose any issues I had just by watching my rounds impact. Along with johns trademark "don't do that again" method of letting you know you are slipping back into poor habits. While I didn't earn a coveted S.O.B. Belt buckle during one of the numerous challenges I had hand on training in an extremely small class and learned more in a weekend then I have learned in multiple classes with different "qualified" instructors. I would spend easily double for johns course and the amount of knowledge I was given was insane. Plus  when John brought out the machine guns at the end of day two it was the perfect end to the weekend. Thanks again John for everything. 

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