2-Day Pistol AAR: March 12-13, 2016

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SOB 2 Day Handgun Diagnostic Class


         I poured over After Action Reviews from former students of John’s for hours before making the decision to attend his class. After reading so many positive AARs I decided to sign up with the attitude that, “either this is going to be the best decision I have ever made training wise or a whole lot of people are wrong.”

         The weekend kicked off with eating breakfast with John at a restaurant close to the range and in the first five minutes of being around John I could tell his demeanor was much different than the industry standard and that the weekend was going to; if nothing else, be a blast. The size of the class was small and manageable as John insists on keeping them that way so he can ensure everyone gets constant attention.

          Each student started out by firing 2 rounds-reload-2 rounds with John videoing and then it was back up range to the television screen where John used Coach’s Eye to diagnose our problems and slay sacred cows like he was manning a beltfed on the high ground overlooking a grassy pasture full of them. So many light bulbs were going off in my head that at the time I probably couldn’t articulate it properly, but I had the sudden urge to call my friends and tell them, “to grab a wad of cash and start heading this way and prepare to get your shooting life changed.” Naturally, I didn’t but that’s what I want you all to do now by signing up for one of John’s classes if you are serious about improving your shooting.

         I have trained with other Instructors that at the time I thought were the best in the industry and I launched thousands and thousands of rounds downrange and equal dollars trying to improve, but I only found myself still struggling with the same issues I thought I was paying to have ironed out. I blamed myself and assumed I was not trying hard enough. The real issue was that my actual were being misdiagnosed and no amount of dry fire or dime drills were going to solve it.

         John was able to diagnose problems I had struggled with for years. You don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t know what the human eye alone isn’t capable of seeing in real time. John uses Coach’s Eye to solve your problems, make you a more efficient shooter time wise, and dispel the myths, and generic training curriculum that circulates in the industry. Then he runs you through purpose built drills one at a time so he can critique your every move.

         I would hope so, but I don’t know if one man alone is capable of changing the entire firearms training industry at this point in time. He is capable of changing you and your team so what else matters? John “Shrek” McPhee is truly a Master Coach, sign up for one his classes today and prepare to have your shooting life changed.




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