2-Day Pistol AAR: March 12-13, 2016

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John´s 2-Day Pistol Diagnosis Course is absolutely recommended, period!!   I am a LEO and I´ve recieved training from shooting instructors who said what others had said to them before without testing if those things worked or not. After 20 years, they are teaching practically same way, with nothing more than "this is what we always do". 
I wish this classes had been available when I first began. The way John explains all shooting myths and shows you the way he understands the shooting fundamentals is amaizing, best science with lots of good drills and funny things when  are needed.
It is impressive how John runs the video diagnosis software for showing you your weak points of your shooting fundamentals, but the most important is how he gives you tools to fix those problems and the way he reminds you what to do:  the "don´t do it again!!" is enough to put your brain again working in the proper way.
It is amaizing to do a course with just four students. There you see that just-make-money is not the final objetive for John. The course was something like being with some friends, training and having fun (lots of it!!).
I´d also like to thank John´s wife for the marvellous lunch she cooked for us the second day!!  
One recommendation: Have a camping chair with you. The video diagnosis takes some time and at the end of the day you will notice that time standing!! 
Juan, LEO and shooting Instructor 

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