Sanford, NC 1-Day Pistol: March 19, 2016

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AAR: 1 Day Pistol Diagnostics
I recently attended SOB's 1 day pistol diagnostics class and would recommend it to anyone who carries a gun- police/military/CCW.  I've served in law enforcement for the last 12 years and am a military veteran.  In my current job I am a full-time investigator and part-time member of the SWAT team.
The class began with the video diagnostics which (for me) revealed the following about how I shoot:
1.  Confirmation of prior training- in these instances I was properly trained and was properly executing a technique.
2.  Identification of poor technique- I thought I was properly executing a technique but was not (the video doesn't lie).
3.  Identification of junk technique- several times the corrective technique John showed was something I'd been previously trained on but had abandoned...and this is where it got interesting-
By and large, it turns out I'd received decent baseline training.  However, in several key cases I'd abandoned the technique(s) because I was struggling and had received a poor correction from a well meaning firearms instructor.  The correction(s) had not fixed my problem causing me to doubt the training more which then led to a domino effect as I monkeyed around with grip, stance, finger placement, etc.
For instance: on rapid strings I tend to shoot low and left.  I'd been told this was a trigger finger issue.  But the video showed it was actually a grip issue.  As soon as I saw the video, it was obvious.  John also did a very convincing demo on the "myth" of trigger jerk.  John took me back to a solid baseline technique, then added several small and more efficient improvements after which I shot a quarter sized group.
I would equate the video diagnostics course to rebooting a computer after it had received bad code.  Some of the solutions were so obvious-it was literally maddening.  I have no idea why video diagnostics aren't used more in firearms training.  Additionally, you keep your videos after the course as a visual reference as to what "good" actually looks like.  
The class is a little more expensive than a typical 1 day course but it is absolutely worth it- especially as a long-term cost saving measure. It's evolutionary training and should be embraced as a "best practice" by any modern trainer.   

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