Sanford, NC 1-Day Pistol, 1-Day Carbine Course

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Sanford, NC March 19-20, 2016


I attended the 1 day pistol and 1 day rifle courses held on March 19 & 20 in Sanford, NC.

The weather was a bit on the chilly side but that did not detract from the enjoyment and value of the courses.

As an instructor myself I keyed on several things that I appreciated and lent to the overall benefit of the courses.

  1. Class size was 5 individuals on day 1 and 4 on day 2. This provides for an intimate course with ample attention paid to each individual while still providing the opportunity to observe others work through the skills and pick up on things that you may not be aware you are doing.
  2. Video! I am a strong proponent of video during training having utilized it in various training environments. As they say “the video doesn’t lie!” It was enlightening to see things that you were not even aware of such as stroking the trigger, double clutching the safety and the wasted time improving an already acceptable sight picture.
  3. Countering “industry norms” on the causes of erratic shot groups (jerking the trigger, anticipating, heeling etc.) and demonstrating to back it up.


The courses were relaxed, personal and Shrek is extremely down to earth. The value of the high speed video was outstanding and I recommend it to anyone, new or seasoned, looking to improve their performance and efficiency.

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