Sanford, NC Pistol Course AAR

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Tadd Lyman AAR from the Sanford, NC: March 7th, 2015 Pistol Course

I had an absolutely great time during John's Pistol Course.  The first drill we did, draw and shoot two, while John filmed using the Coaches Eye taught me more about how I shoot than any other exercise or class I've ever taken.  Be able to walk away from a class with a video of expert analysis and correction of how I shoot is an incredible tool.  I have already rewatched the video several times and will continue to do so prior to training on my own.  It's like having John in my pocket and I can get a quick reminder of what I'm doing right and wrong anytime I go to the range.  He turned a 5 second video into 3 seperate videos totaling almost 12 minutes of instruction with useful graphics and vocal instruction.  After lunch the shooting drills were great.  Shooting steel is a fantastic way to give immediate feedback and keep you honest.  Shoot fast, but you better hear it hit the steel.  Speed doesn't matter if you're hitting dirt.  John was personable and professional.  He gave you a pat on the back when you deserved it and told you what you needed to fix if you needed that.  It was an excellent course.  My only recommendation is another class with some more movement and practical shooting like barriers or alternate firing positions.  It would be difficult to fit in to one day, but either create a two day course or a level 2 course that you could attend after a baseline course like this one.  Overall, fantastic.  I'll definitely take another class in the future.

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