Sanford, NC Carbine Course AAR

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Tadd Lyman AAR from the Sanford, NC: March 8th, 2015 Carbine Course

The Carbine Course on Sunday was a great training event.  In a small class like this the one on one training with John was great.  John did a ton of individual work with each student so that we all walked away with detailed videos and analysis of our Carbine stance, grip, presentation, and reload.  We also covered alternate firing positions, prone and kneeling.  John's expertise and passion for training were evident.  The videos are an excellent tool that I will continue to review over and over until I can attend another class with John.  In the span of 30 minutes, the time between iterations of video analysis, I had a marked improvement in stance, grip, presentation, and reloads.  Seeing your mistakes and tendancies at 240 frames per second is the only way to comprehend what you are ACTUALLY doing and not what you think you're doing.  I've never learned more with less rounds.  Shooting 8 total rounds over 2 iterations taught me more than blazing through 500 rounds having someone watch me with a naked eye.  The facilities were excellent.  The range was fantastic and a great place to shoot.  My only recommendation would be a two day class or a level 2 class that incorporates more movement, courses of fire, reloads, etc....  I have some concerns about the level of training of each student in an open enrollment course, shooting and moving while manipulating the selector switch and trigger in close proximity to other students (situations I'm sure John has encountered over a long career training Soldiers and civilians).  But given the right type of students that course would be awesome.

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