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Dunvegan 1: Sanford, NC Pistol Course March 7, 2015

I've shot with a lot of top notch shooters worldwide and though many of them are great shooters, not all of them are good at relating that knowledge to someone who is trying to learn. I see a lot of the actually qualified (few) trainers today teaching students half assed techniques and giving them B.S. fixes. Either they don't actually understand the mechanics and physics of shooting themselves, or they aren't willing to take the time to teach it, or maybe they think that if you watch them do it you'll pick up some stuff here and there and that's good enough for the amount you paid for the class. Well in reality, that's not totally going to work. The same way you're not going to lay your head on a book and magically absorb the knowledge without going through the trouble of reading and comprehending it. Comprehension is how you learn. You have to understand it before you can perfect it. John McPhee knows it. He understands it. He's perfected it. AND He knows how to relate it to you so that you can comprehend it. And he teaches YOU to perfect it. He makes shooting fast and accurate so easy you can't fuck it up. If you didn't take 50 things minimum away from a John McPhee weren't paying attention to shit. I've never seen a single person that wasn't 100% better after taking an SOB class. His classes are about mechanics and physics and how to integrate your body to achieve perfection. It's not about blasting rounds. It's not a spendex like some dudes apparently expect. Spendex's are for one thing----to burn off ammo!!! Don't let anyone convince you that burning it down (though fun) is an acceptable substitute for actual learning. It's a waste. Make the rounds count and fire them perfectly each time building perfect practice for the subconscious mind to reproduce when the time comes to use it. That's how the S.O.B makes it work. He trains you like an Olympic athlete, paying attention to every detail and correcting it perfectly. The thing I like most is that every-time I
work improving on 20 of the things he found wrong with my shooting, he can look me over and find 10 more things that I could work on that will make me even faster and better. It's not enough to shoot rat holes at high speed with him. He wants you to push it and get it flawless. How many instructors are that devoted to their students? None of them!!!!
John McPhee is dedicated to his students becoming great shooters!

March 7th 9:00 am

After breakfast
We started out the day individually
being assessed in order to build an accurate picture of where we were currently situated in our shooting abilities. He then took time with us individually (though guys were all paying attention to each other's assessments so all mistakes could be learned from) and corrected us based on what he saw in slow motion.

After he cooked lunch for us on the grill (excellent by the way), we got online and began shooting drills. We did this for a little while as he walked down the line CORRECTING EVERY STUDENT and fine tuning their shooting even more. At this point people started realising that it was only halfway into the class and already everyone had gotten better. He gave us instruction on how to shoot and move (whilst staying online of course--big boy rules), as well as drawing from different angles and directions.
We then did a series of walk backs. Everyone learned how to shoot from 100yds minimum with a pistol. At the end of the day the guys that weren't such good shooters before the class were shooting faster and more accurately than I think even they thought was possible. There's something to be said there. A chain is only as good as its weakest link. And in this class all the links were strong in the end. How many instructors improve ALL of their students by the end of the class?
John McPhee is the real deal. No contest!!!

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