Sanford, NC Pistol Course AAR

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Pistol Course AAR: November 7, 2015


The Video Diagnostic course was some of the most informative training that I have received.  This form of training is well ahead of anything you can get from any other instructor.  What this training did for my was help me identify my weakness and help build them up.  It's one thing for an instructor to tell you what you did wrong, but John uses the video technology to actually show you.  His professionalism and expertise is unlike any other in the shooting community.  He truly cares about his students and their performance.  This is shown in his small class numbers and one on one attention.  John disussed in class that he plans on reducing the number of students in his classes.  I think that is a great idea and that it will greatly benefit the students. What he does will save lives of military members, police officers, and responsible armed citizens.  Never in my military career have I experienced any firearms related instruction this thorough.  He makes it clear that many of the military and law enforcement shooting course are just a bunch of  outdated and regurgitated techniques and material.  My only regret is not taking the two day pistol course.  I would have liked to apply the techniques he showed me more and have him critique me.  With the amount of knowledge you can get from John you are doing a disservice to yourself by only taking a one day class.  My recommendation is to take as much training as you can possibly get from him.  I am looking forward to apply what I have learned from this course as well as attend more classes from THE SOB in the future.  Thank you for everything you do!



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