Sanford, NC Carbine Course

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Carbine Course: November 8, 2015

While I have attended the pistol diagnostics class before, this was the first time I had attended the carbine diagnostics class so I had an idea of what to expect.  Don’t worry about what rifle you are using because John said he will work with you regardless of whether you want to run an AR, AK, Tavor, or anything else.  The class begins with a quick filming of each shooter at the low ready position, presenting the rifle, firing 2 shots, reloading, and then firing 2 more.  Afterward, Shrek sets up a TV and reviews each of the videos for about 20-30 minutes with the class and covers the 4 areas of stance, grip, presentation and reloading on 4 separate videos.  After the video review we worked on tightening up these areas as a class.  After a short break around lunch Shrek broke out a couple of HK MP 5’s (one with the integrated suppressor and the other was a K series), an HK G36, and a Sig 556….all fully auto and we spent a little time running these bad boys on steel to relax after the morning piece.  The jewel that everyone wanted to try was the modified Glock 17 that Shrek and a business partner are planning to manufacture in the future (he said, “I wanted to buy some Glock 18’s but they are so hard to find I figured I could buy some 17’s and just make my own).  In the afternoon, we again worked on our areas of weakness from the videos and ran drills.  One of the things that stuck out is the stance that Shrek had us working in was that it was very aggressive and at times felt like a stress position from a SERE course…..but it all clicked when we started shooting on the move and how you have created an improved shooting platform with his input.  While I will say that I learned a lot and would highly recommend the class for anyone looking to improve their shooting the bonus was catching Shrek during periods of the class and hearing his stories about his former unit and mates… why unit guys don’t eat pickled eggs in the break room any more



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