Sanford, NC Carbine Course AAR

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Carbine Course AAR: November 7, 2015

I was very excited to be taking the SOB basic carbine course this past weekend.  I have been collecting firearms and shooting for the past 4 years but everything I was doing was just based off how I felt or what other people told me to do for stand and grip ect....  There are many trainers around to take classes from, however what drew me to John's class was the fact that he worked on tailoring everything to ME and making everything work for me with my gear and body mechanics.  This was not a class designed to make the student into another cookie cutter shooter.  I really enjoyed the class size, 8 people was just the right amount to have good social interaction but allow flow between drills with out a lot of wait time inbetween.  I would have liked more formal and possibly in depth introductions at the start, however by the end of the day we were all friends.  I really appreciated all of the feedback that I received from John on my technique and stance and how to work on improving my shooting skills.  The video diagnostic was very helpful and it was wonderful being able to walk away with my own coached video's at the end of the day.  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to hone up their body mechanics and personal base before moving on to more advanced drills.  This is a perfect class to then work on building up your skills from.  I was very pleased and at the end of the day I achieved what I was after from the class.  I hope to be taking another class from John by the end of the year.
- CJ 

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