Sanford, NC Pistol Course AAR

Posted by Abbey C on

December 5, 2015


Since I am relatively new to shooting, my husband determined that John’s pistol class in Sanford, NC would be a great Christmas present.  I determined it would be good for him as well so we took it together.   I was excited and felt a bit intimidated knowing I’d likely be in a class with folks that had MUCH more experience than I.   What I discovered very quickly was that, no matter the experience, we were all there for the same reason – to improve and to gain knowledge.

John’s class did not disappoint!  Four rounds and a video – PRICELESS!  Seeing is believing!  It is amazing the difference in what I “think” I do and what I “actually” do.  John broke down my video, showed me how to improve and personally coached on the range.  Without a solid foundation of stance and grip shooting more, as some would say, does not make better it only uses up precious ammo!

If you own a handgun I highly recommend John’s pistol course.  No matter your skill level you will walk away from the class with the knowledge and tools to be better!

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