Sanford, NC Pistol Course AAR

Posted by Abbey C on

December 5, 2015

I have had the privilege of receiving exceptional handgun training in recent years.  With a solid foundation for shooting I was skeptic of how much a video could improve my shooting, but jumped at the opportunity to meet and train with an American Hero. The video diagnostics and training provided by Shrek provides months and even years of training into a 1 day class. The smallest of flaws are shown through the video diagnostics and easily corrected through John's extensive knowledge and experience. He personalizes a corrective action plan for each individual shooter. What I had once thought was fast and accurate shooting for myself became mediocre at best, after only a few dozen rounds using Johns proven methods I was shooting tighter groups faster than ever.
This class is not a 1000 round day, John uses neuroscience to provide the shooter with the tools for perfect practice allowing drastic personal improvements with only a few hundred rounds down range. Once he has broken down and corrected ever aspect of your shooting from stance and grip to presentation and reload, John uses positive reinforcement to motivate and push you to shoot tighter groups faster than your brain ever imagined. I highly recommend this class to all levels of shooters wanting to improve their abilities and will be enrolling in future classes.

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