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Pistol Course: December 5, 2015

I recently attended John McPhee's 1 Day Video Diagnostics Pistol class in Sanford NC and I can honestly say that it exceeded all my expectations.


The day started with each student being filmed drawing from the holster, firing two rounds, reloading and firing two more rounds for the camera. John then played the videos on a TV and analyzed them in great detail in front of the group, complete with lines drawn on the screen to illustrate the changes he wanted in each student’s technique. Analysis was divided between Stance, Presentation, Grip and Reload. The class size is fairly small (ten students in my class) so each student gets plenty of personal coaching.


While some might find it a little awkward being analyzed like that in front of a group, the class is very relaxed and I found I learned just as much from other students’ videos as my own. When it was my turn to have my video analyzed, John was able to see, without me telling him or seeing the target, that I tend to miss low and left. He then proceeded to explain why it was happening (NOT trigger jerk, a myth he thoroughly debunks) and give me very specific coaching on how to fix it.


When we started shooting drills John walked up and down the line coaching students on their technique and providing words of encouragement. At first it was a bit hectic keeping track of all the changes he wanted, but by the time I finished my first magazine my low left problem was gone. In a couple hours of watching video, some personal coaching and 17 rounds John fixed the problem that had been plaguing me for years and gave me the tools to keep improving. (In stark contrast, I once went to a big name instructor’s class and asked how to fix my low left misses… He told me that I “just have to work on it” and then walked away.)


As a regular guy civilian I feel compelled to comment on how relaxed this class is. I have felt out of place in other classes but John’s class feels like a day at the range with friends and a personal coach. He is extremely approachable and encourages students to ask lots of questions. His responses are thoughtful, detailed and often accompanied with a video to demonstrate his point.


I could go on but the short version is I can’t recommend this course enough. The video analysis is extremely helpful and John McPhee is the only person I know of that is doing it.  I have been telling everyone who will listen about it and I look forward to taking the rifle class sometime in the future.


If you are serious about improving your shooting, take this class.






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