2-Day Gunner Marksmanship Course

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Sanford, NC: December 13-14, 2016

Last time a I saw John Shrek McPhee was just a few minutes from where I
reside this past May. I attended a one day pistol followed by a one day
carbine video diagnostics class in NJ. I composed a lengthy aar that
summarized the initial experience and it was posted under Long Valley, NJ
aar. This time, I drove 10 hours in traffic to Sanford, NC on Friday and
Returned to NJ late Sunday night with the help of abbey and his team. The
class, content, and coaching was well worth the price of admission no matter
how far and long I had to travel. Being in john's home town lends itself
to a very personal experience. All off his personal range gear, targets,
firearms and "friend's firearms" are all accessible at his "private" range.
After all meeting up for breakfast and caravanning to the range, John
front loaded the class with most of the information required for the day.
He went down the firing line taking individual videos for us to review on
Coach's Eye. He reviewed, illustrated, and recorded everyone's performance
with the necessary modifications to accomplish "more rounds on target in
less time". The afternoon was filled with putting the new or modified
techniques to use on his 600yd range. More of the same followed Sunday till
5pm. John Shrek McPhee cannot be simply be classified as an instructor or
coach. He has the knowledge, experience, professionalism and skills to
enhance anyone's performance on and off the range. You can see, hear and
feel his continued enthusiasm when he is working with you or fellow
classmates on the range and this will motivate you as well. These
attributes require him to be identified as a top tier firearms/life guru?
Experience the company of john and come up with a better title of your own.


Ps .back in may john coached me with respect to shooting like a" big guy"...
this time i could not get away with those considerations. In my first aar I
said meeting and working with him appeared to be a life changing encounter
as it related to the unconscious vs the conscious mind and u may think you
executing things a certain way only to be corrected by john and his video
analysis (always in a positive way). Now I have to shoot more like a
"little guy" due to the 60 pounds lost implementing his philosophy of life
in general. Everything john will teach you about shooting can be applied
to life as well!

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