1-Day Basic Trauma Management Course: 11/19/2016

Posted by Abbey C on

My thoughts after taking the class.....

  1. I took 8 plus pages of detailed notes on information presented that will be used for me to reference from time to time.  Very concise, accurate, useful, succinct and logically presented information.
  2. Quite knowledgeable, and experienced.
  3. Practical drills.  Realistic and represented many types of encounters that one would possibly find in future.
  4. I would say unusual.  In a partially wooded farm field that was nice in the morning and windy in the afternoon that left me with opposing viewpoints.  Wind, cold, or rain could have a detrimental effect on learning.  An indoor classroom would have an undistracted environment.  However, the other side of the coin tells me that when applying your classroom training, it will not be in an environmentally controlled room.  It will most likely be outside in adverse conditions.  With some time that has passed, I am tending to the latter opinion.  
  5.  Yes, by all means take this class if you want to expand your knowledge in rendering aid.
  6. A+


Bob Retsch.

Consulting Engineer

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