Basic Trauma Course: Sanford, NC

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As a parent, husband and owner of my own Self Defense & Fitness business my time is limited to travel and I only strive to learn from the best. If this is your first introduction to the Sheriff of Baghdad well you are in the right place for the best firearms training in the industry. Now SOB brings you to a whole other level of training with their new Basic Medical Trauma course.
If you are like me you have a med kit in your home, vehicle and range bag, but do you really have the knowledge to use it? I thought I had a decent grasp until I delved into some research and realized I needed to learn more and most importantly from someone that has first hand REAL WORLD experience in this area. I have trained with John and the past and as soon as they announced the class, I was signed up fast as I knew it would be a the opportunity I was looking for.
Well enter Mike “Doc” Voytko, I knew he would be a great instructor based on my experience learning from John aka Shrek. It was a group of 10 people all looking to learn first hand how to handle an emergency trauma situation in a crisis situation. Now you may think I’m not going to be a gun fight, but this could be the result of a car accident, hiking or bike accident in the woods when you will be the first responder to save your family, friend or even yourself.
So Mike kickstarted the day with a quick bio on himself and a briefing on what we could expect to learn and accomplish by the end of his course. He was quick and to the point, what I really liked it was NO EGO, no chest thumping or award listing just a quick this is what I have done and how I can help you today. That was just awesome and just what I expected from someone John gave his seal of approval.
Ok, back to the course Mike broke a simple acronym that we would use for the day to assimilate the classroom knowledge. He used simple easy to understand definitions, examples and after each critical medical component was taught, we did live drills with that skill. That was the SECRET SAUCE in my opinion to get us past route memorization and into practical application. Throughout the course Mike took a few breaks here and there to keep us hydrated, answered questions and really made sure we understood what was just just taught.
At the end of the day he created Live Triage scenarios where we used all the knowledge he shared, our first aid kits (with cutting edge supplies) and put us to the test. It was KILLER as we had to access, treat, pack & wrap simulated woulds and other trauma. This was just outstanding as their was fake blood, and even though it wasn't real you had to process and not stress yourself out and realize it was just training.
I can’t commend Mike enough for all that he taught me and John for seeing the value in our New EmergingWorld to have a class like this. All I can say is sign up today, as you never know when you might be a first responder and this knowledge could save a loved ones life or even your own.

 At the and of training Mike also presented us with an IFAK (individual First Aid Kit) loaded with all the medical supplies we had trained on during the course, that was just an added bonus to end an already great training experience.

Thanks Mike and John and I cant wait for the next level of AWESOMENESS that SOB will certainly deliver as they are already planning on a Level 2 Course. So proud to have been a part of this first Class. ROCK ON and thanks guys for your Service. AMERICA!!!

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