Basic Trauma Course: Sanford, NC

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I knew right from the start that Mike had lots of intelligence as well as experience just by the way he carried himself. Any question anyone had he would answer by showing not just telling. And every answer he gave was obviously given from experience. 
From the start of the course he gave everyone a good base to work from. Using the MARCH acronym and adding an E for evac he educated everyone on how to provide life saving care prior to first responders arriving. He built upon each segment with lots of easily applied yet very effective techniques that save lives during a very important time frame where either survival or death can occur. Utilizing battlefield tested/proven equipment he educated the class on its application to combat life threatening situations. Then provided a new completed kit at the end comprised of the same equipment for later personal use in the event of an actual situation.
I was amazed at how much equipment he had purchased for the class just to educate everyone with quality training. It certainly must have cost him some money. It seemed right from the start that his goal was to educate rather than work off a budget. I even said to him you probably should've charged more for this class. He absolutely wanted to make sure that everyone learned from doing, not just listening. I think that in itself ranks the class far above any other out there. Mike is definitely a top notch high-quality instructor, and very cool dude. 
Mike is easily approachable and very likable right from the start. I enjoyed joking around with him but especially learning all of the very valuable information and techniques he was offering. Every question I asked he answered and even elaborated on. 
I would suggest for future students of the medic course to bring something to write with or to at least have a smart phone where you can take photos of the writing board and maybe even short videos of the application segments. Because the information in this course is absolutely information that you will want to remember and having notes to reference will be invaluable. 
Lastly I can say of this course it has motivated me to look at other situations where severe injuries can occur and to learn more about how to manage them until professional help arrives. Mike covered a vast majority in a short time, providing the knowledge and ability to stop the bleeding on multiple injuries in order to save a life. And with that knowledge he provided a good base to cover the plethora of situations out there. 
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