Basic Trauma Course: Sanford, NC

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BSI: Body Substance Isolation. Huh? I am not a medical trauma expert by any means, but having gone through TCCC and other military medical courses and living with a RN, I thought that I had at least heard most of the basic medical terms associated with battlefield trauma. Well.. I hadn't and so it would go for the rest of the day. 

The SOB Medic 1 day Basic Trauma Course is a well structured, thought out and practical course of instruction that can be applied to all levels of experience. I had been interested in taking a TacMed course for awhile and when the SOB Trauma Course became available I didn't hesitate to enroll. The Sheriff has consistently evolved his shooting program and with Mike Voytko joining the team, the SOB Medic program will only continue to get better. I am honored to be a plank owner for the first class and highly recommend the course to everyone.
The day began with the "Witchdoc" greeting all players and giving a short introduction to feel out the knowledge base. The players backgrounds were diverse with many having been to the SOB courses before. Others had significant backgrounds in security, training and rescue. One of the best parts of the course is that Mike's method of teaching allows everyone to learn from each other. 
With the formalities finished the training environment was set. Mike quickly established the learning format, and coherently, moved from one topic to the next  with a simple acronym moving the class closer to the final exercise. The IFAK provided the teaching tool and after explaining each block of instruction, the players were given the opportunity to use the contents and were run through timed drills and other evaluations. During the drills I recognized the fact that the tourniquet that was in my current IFAK was out of standards and the reason why. While Mike was teaching, the players continued to ask questions, which were answered with the same level of continuum. I grabbed several bottles of water out of the cooler and went over my notes. By the time lunch was ready all participants were asking complex questions and my note taking hand was ready for a break. At about mid day we broke for a hot lunch, which tasted every bit as good as it smelled. After lunch the course shifted to a more hands-on approach. Throughout the day, guest visitors arrived and left, which kept the pace and excitement up and made the course a lot of fun. The afternoon block gave everyone the chance to get some blood on them and treat simulated casualties, which locked in everything the class had learned throughout the day. It also gave the players a chance to self diagnose and find out where their weakness' were. 
Mike Voytko and the Sheriff are two of the most respected instructors today and that professionalism was evident throughout the course with the laid back, but quiet intensity that comes from serving in the type of environment that they have. At the conclusion of the course, all members were presented with a IFAK and another gift. Mike and Sheriff finished by conducting a Q&A session, which identified some exciting possibilities for future courses. 
The SOB Medic 1 day Basic Trauma Course is highly recommended and I look forward to taking the advanced course.
- Joshua

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