1-Day Carbine Course: May 13, 2017

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Having never taken a shooting course of any kind before, I was relatively unsure of what to expect. I had an overall idea of what was going to transpire. Initially, I expected the course to be for the utmost low level, never having fired a carbine of any variety before. It was not that at all. Most of the other attendees were rather advanced shooters and had a pretty good idea of how to handle the AR pattern of rifle.  I’ve been around and shooting the AR-15 pattern rifle for roughly around 12 years and I know how to manipulate the rifle pretty well, or so I thought.

John video records each student in the class, firing two rounds, reload, fire two rounds roughly from the 5 yard mark. Once everyone is through with this, John proceeds to analyze everything using Coach’s Eye. When you view yourself firing a rifle in 240 frames per second, you truly begin to see your deficiencies and how you can better improve them. John then takes the time to mark these videos up, telling you how to improve your stance, grip, presentation and reload. All of these combined lead to being able to shave time off of a process which could ultimately save your life, or the life of loved ones.

This process takes you up until about lunch, but while it may seem slow moving, being able to watch everyone else have their video scrutinized by John is very eye opening. Seeing every other students strengths and weaknesses allows you to see where friends, co-workers, or other shooters in general may be able to improve their ability to shoot faster and more accurately.

After lunch, John runs everyone through several drills. Everything is a relatively low round count, no need to shoot 1500 rounds in a day. We went through shooting and moving, stitch-em-up drills (which for me was very interesting as I learned where I need to correct myself shooting this drill and accuracy drills of several varieties.

John has a very unpretentious manner in which he teaches. He treats all of his students with respect and dignity, his goal is for you to learn, and to leave with plenty of take-away information. I look forward to the opportunity to train with him again.

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