1-Day Carbine Course: May 13, 2017

Posted by Abbey C on

If you are reading this After Action Report, you are evidently interested in training from John “Shrek McPhee.” I took his Carbine Marksmanship Course on May 13, 2017. I will tell you now that his credentials are sterling. His methods are state of the art. His use of video coaching software will let you see exactly what you are doing wrong that otherwise would not be detected by the human eye. He then will coach you in detail how to correct your form and function. The result will be speed and accuracy beyond what you could do just hours before. You will also learn to read your groups on the target and diagnose what you need to correct. I will save what I spent on the course fee in ammunition costs alone over what I would have wasted in substandard practice sessions. Do you want to know more about this man? Read “Kill Bin Laden” by Dalton Fury (Pen name of the Ground Commander at Tora Bora.) His classes fill up fast. Until you can make it to his class, send him a video to critique. The instructions are on his website. This is valuable training. I will train with him again. Hopefully I will see you there.
W. (Buck) Lewis

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