1-Day Pistol Course: May 12, 2017

Posted by Abbey C on

Recently, I attended a 1 day pistol diagnostics class with John. I am a veteran, current LE/SWAT officer and an A class shooter in USPSA. Additionally, I have taken other open enrollment classes in the past. For this particular class I decided to bring my father along, who is a retired LE officer. In the 35 years since his initial firearms training, his form has deteriorated to the point that he was having struggles maintaining acceptable groups on target at 10 yards or greater. Using my training and experience, I have attempted to fix his form to no avail. Then came this class. The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” cannot ring anymore true when you attend John’s training. Not only did he expose all of my problems, but in one day, he was able to correct my fathers problems to the point that his groups shrank to half of what they were in approximately 100 rounds. This is the only class that I have attended which works on you the shooter at a deeper how and why level. If you are a good shooter and are stagnating, I suggest taking this class and having John break down your grip, stance and form. Take everything or take something and I guarantee that you will grow as a shooter. If you are a less than mediocre shooter, take this course. You will improve. In my experience, in the real world, mindset and basics are it. If you want to master the basics, you need to take this class. Drop your ego and talk to John. Take into consideration that this is a one day class. The student size is small, however and that enables John to give ample one on one coaching. The round count for this class is low, but that is because the process which John takes to break down each students form and coach them is very time consuming. In my experience, I would much rather shoot less and be coached more. Additionally, in the small gaps between instruction, we had the opportunity to ask random questions whether it be on the block of instruction or tactics. Being able to gleam bits of wisdom from a world class solider is worth the price of admission alone, if you are looking to gain insight on how to better navigate this uncertain world. 

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