Van Buren, AR Pistol Course AAR

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Chris Bryant: Van Buren, AR Pistol Course AAR April 25, 2015

After much deliberation, I signed up for Mr. McPhee’s 1-Day Video Diagnostics Pistol Class.  The basis for my decision to take Mr. McPhee’s class, as opposed to the countless other classes, rested on his battle-proven techniques employed during his extensive time with Delta, his vast experience and ability to train everyone from civilians to Navy SEALs, and most importantly his revolutionary method of using Coach’s Eye technology for diagnostics and teaching.  As a medical student, it was refreshing to hear Mr. McPhee address the human physiologic component of the subconscious mind, musculoskeletal mechanics, and muscle memory, which further validated his teaching credibility and use of video diagnostics for overcoming old habits and teaching new ones.  It is also priceless to have something superior to handwritten notes to refer back to when practicing on my own.  I could go on praising how great his training philosophy appears, but in reality, the proof is in the pudding—it truly works!  I have had numerous “ah ha” moments both during the class and at home when I reviewed my video.  Judging by how well his system works and the instant, significant improvements in my shooting ability, I simply can’t believe this hasn't been done before.  In summary, if you want clear data points with expert instruction to help you become the best that you can be, then I highly recommend taking Mr. McPhee’s class.   

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