SD4BM T-Shirt

  • $ 20.00

This new SOB shirt is pretty self-explanatory! Available in a comfortable SOB approved cotton shirt in two color choices: Black or Navy Blue!


SOB Life Hack: 



We are calling this series of Tshirts coming out over the next year, the "SOB's Life Hack," an expression of situations that require common sense from the Master of Logic, Shrek himself. We'll give you a hint...the "D" should really be an 🍆 emoji, but we didn't want hurt feelings or to offend the "you know who" out there. #soblifehack #commonsense #wordstoliveby #stopS🍆4🍺💵 This shirt was inspired by some who have no original thought, lack the ability to work hard, and would prefer handouts over blood, sweat, and tears. AND inspired by those cougars still hitting the bar looking for love. #shrekwisdom #merica🇺🇸

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