FSS B-Sling (Heavy Duty Wide) Patent Pending

FSS B-Sling (Heavy Duty Wide) Patent Pending

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This is an SOB Exclusive from John "Shrek" McPhee's War Room! 
1.5" Military Grade 2-Point Sling (Quick 2 Shoot (TM)) SOB B-Sling. 
Includes (1) ITW HK Hook attachment or (1) ALG Forged FSS attachment and features the AustriAlpin Inc. COBRA Frame. 
The FSS is forged from 7075 T6 aluminum, which is the same aluminum and manufacturing process used to make mil-spec upper and lower receivers. This process allows the FSS to be strong enough to withstand pull forces of up to 800lbs. 
The COBRA Frame is based on AustriAlpin's popular COBRA buckle styling, these special tri-glides feature extremely high strength (18kN) and low profile design. Made of 705 grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel adjuster bar. 
  • Hook on front sight of weapon or sling clip
  • Insert metal buckle through hole in buttstock
  • Adjust the rear buckle with the front lanyard adjustment fully extended
  • Buttstock should be in center of your chest. **Adjust with body armor on
  • Pull free end towards body to tighten rifle
  • Grab lanyard and push the rifle to firing position to loosen and shoot 

    Designed by a former Tier 1 operator in 1998, the B-sling has proven itself for 10 years of combat. . Versatile for any rifle, it is extremely intuitive to use allowing quick adjustments with your non-firing hand using the lanyard equipped buckle (pat pending). With this design, the adjustable buckle remains in the same position regardless of how loose or tight the sling is, so you'll never have to search for it or take your eye off target. Simply pull the free end near the lanyard towards your body to tighten. Grab the lanyard and push rifle to firing position to loosen and shoot.

    The B-sling employs "Quick to shoot" (Q2S)TM technology as this is the most important function of any rifle accessory in combat and intentionally uses as little material, buckles and stitching as possible to make it light and cost effective. 

    Sling Attachment:

    -ALG Forged Sling Swivel (FSS)

    *Combat Band included

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