Eighteen Pack Combat Bands

  • $ 20.00

SOB Combat Bands are back!

Simple in design, yet elegant in use, the Sheriff of Baghdad Combat Bands are a more durable alternative to the rigger’s band. Unlike other bands on the market, our Combat Bands are made of high temperature silicone, making them heat resistant to 600+ degrees.   Great for easily securing gear to your kit, adding grip to your mags or pistol grip, preventing mag-on-mag chatter, securing your sling against the stock, & taking the wobble out of a PVS 14 mount. Combat Bands offer a simple solution to common problems.

The uses for these bands are endless:
Slings to control excess on buttstock or handguard
Mark your beer and or Wiskey bottle
PVS-14 to mount to take out the wobble
On hand guard to avoid heat
On hand guard for grip
On pistols for grip
Roll up your jacket for your backpack
Place foliage over your sniper rifle or scope
Contain cables on AR
Hold tape switches in place on AR



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