Sanford, NC Pistol Stance + Grip AM: February 9, 2018

  • $ 125.00

We are excited to have you join us on the range in 2018! 

This is a NEW 4 Hour Clinical Course on: Stance + Grip for Pistol

Course Date: February 9, 2018

Course Location: Sanford, NC

Course Start Time: 0800

Full Price: $250 

(50% non-refundable deposit due at booking. All remaining balances are invoiced one week prior to the course. Please direct all questions to

Max Participants: 6 


Stance and Grip Clinical
Required Gear: 
• Pistol  
• Holster 
• Ballistic Eye Protection
• Hearing Protection
• 2 Magazines 
• A way to mount two mags to belt
• Kneepads– optional
• 50 Rounds

Grip and Stance Clinical:
will give you the ability to master the 90% of shooting. It is the most critical fundamental in firearms training. All shooters have been trained under a slow fire premise. The slow fire premise is: “as long as you line the sites up and gingerly squeeze the trigger, the bullet will go where you want.” However, this does not work in an active shooter or hostile presentation scenario. In those scenarios, human nature will require all bullets right now. If those bullets go somewhere other than where you intend the bullets to go, you have mechanical issues. With any grip issues if the gun is pointed for example low and left all of your bullets will go low and left. This is not trigger jerk this is a grip problem. This clinical will demonstrate the proper body mechanics for grip and stance.  
***This clinic is a requirement for participation in all other clinics***


Half Day Clinical Diagnostics
Through my years of coaching with video diagnostics the fix is not going to happen with just one class. I have tried to coach shooters based off the current firearms training models. These models do not work largely due to an overwhelming amount of requirements to accomplish in a short period of time. Additionally most, if not all, firearms training models are pre to post-WWII and “train the trainer,” which is grapevine information. It is not the most effective way to master firearms. This is why most shooters never get better.
The new 4-hour clinical format is created to focus on one task at a time. We will use modern neuroscience and video diagnostics to enhance each participants learning experience. We will substitute what has traditionally been myth or generic information with facts and best practices based on science and video. The clinical will offer one-onone coaching with video diagnostics focusing on the course participant’s strengths and weakness. During the clinical, we will do the initial video diagnostics to determine your baseline in what you do or do not do with the firearm. Once we review the initial video, we will apply best practices and changes to adjust your techniques for the most efficient and effective application of the firearm. Once you have mastered these techniques, we will conduct a final video diagnostic to establish and review what perfect practice looks like. At the conclusion of the clinical, you will be provided your training videos as homework in order to continue to train on your own.

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